Lieberman’s Criminal Immunity Response Steals the Show!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The Tea Party Fort Lauderdale (TPFL), the longest running Tea Party in America, with 175 weeks of protesting the anti-American liberal policies of President Obama held a judicial forum with candidates running for Broward County judge. Most of the candidates appeared to stand before the conservative crowd to answer tough questions. Individuals such as Michael Ian Rothschild, Julio Gonzalez and current Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman (D) gave their spiel and answered tough questions afterwards.

The Star who stole the show was Ilene Lieberman who after 20+ years of service as a Democrat Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman. Lieberman is being term-limited from the commission this year, thus her bid for Judge. She was presented with two explosive questions pertaining to her political troubled past.

The first question was asked by TPFL member Edward Bender, who ran for State Representative as an Independent in 2010. Ed stated that this year he was at a public Broward County Commissioner’s meeting when he asked Commissioner Ritter “where was the presumption of innocence? Ritter replied that there was NO presumption of innocence. Commissioner Lieberman, who was then contemplating running for County Judge remained silent refusing to correct Commissioner Ritter’s anti-Democratic statement. Lieberman spun the truth by replying that the concept of the presumption of innocence is alive and well in criminal court. This begs the question if the presumption of innocence is dead to those serving on the Broward County Commission.

The hardest hitting question asked to explain why she was granted immunity in a criminal corruption prosecution case where she testified against her long time friend Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco. Lieberman replied that she was only a witness that was subpoenaed and all subpoenaed witnesses under Florida Statute receive immunity. This response in my opinion is 100% misleading because I cannot find that citation in the Florida Statute. Other candidates in the forum later told me that she brokered the deal with the State Attorney to give up mayor Talabisco to save her own political skin. Broward Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato dismissed the corruption case against Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco in a hearing this morning. But the State Attorney’s Office said the battle’s not over yet; prosecutors want a jury to decide the case rather than the judge.

 Ch. 10 Investigative Reporter Bob Norman has been on Lieberman’s heels reviewing the evidence and concluding that Lieberman lied when she testified under oath. Norman reports: “The following excerpt is from Lieberman’s sworn testimony in her deposition (the “527″ referred to is the secret PAC created to funnel Chait money to Talabisco):

Q: “How do you get involved in the 527?”
LIEBERMAN: “I wasn’t involved with the 527. When I heard about it I was very concerned about it … I remember being surprised when I heard from Norm about the 527 and that it existed.”

 Okay, so Lieberman had nothing to do with the secret 527, learned about it from the late Norm Abramowitz, and was “very concerned” about it. Now here’s the testimony from Alex Heckler, the lobbyist who actually created the 527:

HECKLER: I received a phone call from [Ilene Lieberman] asking if I would assist in setting up an entity to do with the Tamarac election.
So she’s the one basically that asked you to get involved with this?
HECKLER: Correct. … I picked up the phone and I spoke to [Ilene Lieberman] and she said, ‘I need your help in opening this … you’re going to get a call from the Chaits’ son.’”

Reading Bob Norman’s Investigation and Buddy Nevon’s Broward Beat articles I walk away believing that Ilene Lieberman is NOT as clean as the White Driven Snow. As for her experience she is weighed in the balance and found extremely wanting.

The candidate running against Lieberman has an abundance of courtroom experience:  Kathleen McHugh is a former public defender and a courtroom veteran. During the Tea Party Forum McHugh stated that in Lieberman’s 22 years she has had one case as attorney of record in her career under her name as Lieberman. More shocking was Lieberman’s registered with the Florida bar as Michelson “NOT” Lieberman. Under her registered name of Michelson, the Ilene worked 25-measely-law-cases in her 22 years as an attorney. If Broward looks at experience and ignores party affiliation the choice is clear that McHugh is the most qualified candidate.

In sum I think Buddy Nevons says it best: “Unfortunately, its politics that counts. Lieberman is a lifelong politician who knows the rope.  McHugh is a political amateur.” Let’s vote for Kathleen “Katey” McHughto maintain the dignity of the Broward Judiciary on August 14, 2012!

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